About Arrad Foot Balconies

So Why Arrad Foot Balconies

Arrad Foot balconies is a small run family firm. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality products and services that you will be as proud of as we are. We believe in providing a high-end quality finish which is why we only use the highest quality products and companies. There are many cheaper copies and imitations on the market, but we know that although they look similar, they can soon de-laminate in our damp climate and will not last as our products do.

Family is at the heart of everything we do, and we know that when you decide to invest money into anything it needs to benefit you and your family for years to come. Over the years we have built up strong relationships with all our customers and have built long-lasting partnerships with suppliers and caravan sites. Our ethos is your leisure is our pleasure and we take great pride and joy in seeing the satisfaction all our customers have when enjoying their new decking.

History of the Company

Arrad foot Balconies was established in 1994 as a family business by Graeme who had been in the joinery industry for over 17 years. After constructing a variety of decking options for a number of small caravan sites Graeme made the decision to venture into the balcony business full time focusing all his skills and resources on designing and providing one of the highest quality balcony systems in the North West.

The company started off providing bespoke timber balconies but one downfall of using this material was it required constant maintenance and was not long lasting. The need to find a low maintenance material that was of high quality and sustainable was at the forefront of the company’s plan and from 2001 onwards Arrad foot Balconies began moving the company towards a more environmentally friendly, low maintenance direction. Arrad Foot Balconies prides itself on being environmentally responsible and wanted to find a product that was sustainable, durable, and recyclable. This is when Arrad Foot Balconies began working with Havwoods back in 2013 to meet the supply and demand for wood composite decking.

Arrad Foot Balconies is proud to work in conjunction with Havwoods International, a renowned leader in the flooring industry, both technologically and aesthetically.

Who Are Arrad Foot Balconies

The Arrad Foot Balconies Team

Arrad Foot Balconies is made up of a strong team of 7, including 3 managing directors (Wayne Smith, Stephanie Smith, and Graeme Helsby), 1 workshop operative (Ian Milburn), and 3 site installers (Mark Wright, Kyle Hollings, and Chris Hodgson).

Whilst Wayne did not start his work experience in the joinery field, he joined the firm in 2010 and spent 5 years learning every aspect of the business working as a workshop manufacturer and site installer. Wayne believes that to successfully run a business you must be able to work in all areas to fully appreciate the role your staff undertake and understand the product you are selling. In 2016 Wayne set up his own company Aqua Pro Jet, which specialises in power washing and maintenance. This allowed Wayne to gain experience of starting up and running his own company which, he learned a great deal from. Aqua Pro Jet is now successfully into its 5th year of trading and continues to grow.

Family Run Business

Wayne re-joined Arrad Foot Balconies at the start of 2020 alongside his wife Stephanie, Graeme’s daughter who had taken time out to bring up their twins and complete her teaching degree. As managing directors with previous experience at the company, they wanted to build on Arrad foot Balconies’ successful story whilst staying true to the heart of the business allowing Graeme to semi-retire whilst staying involved to support his legacy. Stephanie oversees the administration side of the company whilst Wayne oversees all areas of manufacture and construction.

The company remains and always will be a family run business with a commitment to maintaining the high level of craftsmanship it started back in 1994, 26 years ago.