My name is Graeme Helsby and I’m the company owner.

I have been in the joinery and construction industry for 41 years. In my early years I specialised in joinery manufacture with our business being based in the Lancashire area. This was successful but I found myself looking for a new challenge. Something that was in my specialist field but a little different.

At the beginningimg_0171 of 1990 I moved to the South Lakes and re-established myself in manufacturing, which is when I became involved with Barons Caravans. This then became the start of a move from joinery manufacturing to our specialist field producing what we do now.

The balcony business became fully established in 1994, no longer carrying out any other types of work and concentrating solely on balconies. During the first 3 years everything was produced in timber, and then in 1998 we sourced the low maintenance styrene/resin product. Then in 2014 we took a big step producing the endura composite product we exclusively use now.

In 2009 we relocated to new premises in Arrad Foot which is when my family became involved in the business. Colette is our secretary, Gaynor is a director, Gary our installation foreman of over 10 years is now our operations manager & company director. Kyle & Lewis control all workshop manufacturing.

Our installations are carried out by our own specialist trained team who have been involved with the company throughout the years.

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly, trustworthy and reliable service and are confident that we offer a excellent product that if you choose to purchase will be a fantastic addition to your property that you will continue to utilise and enjoy over the years.